Founder, Dr. Ratika Gupta

Dr Gupta and Co

The creator of bebaby is a board certified allergist and mom. After seeing parents in the clinic cry when being told their child had a food allergy,  Dr. Gupta realized she needed to help pass the important message along on tips how to decrease food allergies. One of the main steps, which is also incredibly easy? Moisturize with good ingredients. New research shows the importance of keeping the skin barrier healthy which may help prevent food allergies, eczema, hay fever and asthma. Trust your baby with bebaby! This mom and allergist does!



Why should I choose bebaby baby cream?

Dr. Gupta is passionate about educating parents how important a quality cream is for baby skin. Studies show allergies, asthma, and eczema could all start from an unhealthy skin barrier. If we use the right products on our babies, it could dramatically reduce the risk of these diseases! Our cream has the ingredients needed to keep the skin healthy with minimal allergenic potential.


Can bebaby cream be applied everywhere?

YES! Please apply it on skin as often as possible on your little one to help preserve his/her skin barrier. Healthy skin is proving to be more and more important, and we want to help you and your baby achieve that goal.


Can I use bebaby?

Of course! Several adults actually prefer using bebaby cream versus other creams. Moisturize away!


What are the key ingredients?

Ceramides and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid. Ceramides can be considered the building blocks of skin. Babies with eczema have decreased levels of ceramides. Hyaluronic acid helps draw moisture into the skin, but ours is different. The molecules are smaller so its actually absorbed into skin versus just sitting on top of the skin. An often overlooked characteristic is the pH, meaning how acidic or basic it is. Baby skin is around a pH of 5 and studies show using creams with a much higher or lower pH is detrimental. A lot of companies don’t know this! Our cream has a pH of 5.2!


The packaging is cool! What is it?

Thanks for noticing! We are committed to NOT polluting the earth. For this reason our jars are glass and the lids are wood. We chose orange because it’s a vibrant color that represents joy, and isn’t that what a baby brings to us? No more pastels in the baby aisle, we want bright colors that celebrate life!