Does Spring Cause More Itchiness?


There are few reasons why you can feel more itchy during the spring time. 

1. Hay fever usually causes itchy eyes, runny nose but it can also cause hives - the rash that looks like mosquito bites and they are very itchy! Contact urticaria - or when you touch an allergen like grass, then rub your eye, you can get hives near the eye area! Antihistamines can help with hives. 

2. Contact dermatitis causes a rash that is more delayed, meaning it can start a few days after you are exposed to your allergen. This can include anything from makeup (will discuss in another post) to even plants! This rash looks like a sunburn and is immensely itchy. 

3. Eczema can be triggered by seasonal allergies including spring. Eczema looks like dry flaky skin and is also itchy. Controlling exposures to allergens and a good skin care routine is important to decrease eczema flares. 


So yes, spring season can bring warmth and itchiness! 

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