5 Tips for Nurturing a Baby with Eczema


  1. Keep nails short – this is easier said than done. Nails are an often overlooked detail, both for the baby and the caretaker! Cut those nails mama!
  2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – then moisturize again. Babies with eczema have high levels of transepidermal water loss, meaning they lose water from their skin at a much faster rate than those without eczema. I tell my patients we have to be ahead of the game. At every diaper change, have bebaby at your side!
  3. Quick baths! – Baths though drying, are important for the skin to wash off any bacteria or germs. Make it a quick bath and then pat dry. Use petrolatum jelly to lock moisture in.
  4. Try to avoid sweating – sweat can make us itchy, including babies. Try to keep the baby cool and comfortable in soft clothing. Make sure there are no clothing tags that could irritate the baby.
  5. See your doctor – eczema is hard to manage, and we get it. See your pediatrician and ask if an allergy consult is warranted. At the allergy office, we can test for different allergies that could be making the eczema worse. We can help with some medications that can help us get ahead of the eczema flares, and hopefully prevent them.


Eczema by definition comes and goes. There will be good day and bad days. Please don’t lose hope or think you are doing anything wrong! bebaby is with you, day and night, itch or no itch.